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Longer Free Parking in Crosby

Sefton Council
Petition Goal
Extend free parking time for shoppers
Start date
September 28, 2014
End date
October 1, 2015
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Some of the council's car parks you have to pay from when you get there, others you get like 30 mins free. While I'm grateful for the free period it not helping businesses.

When shopping in the village (which is vary rare now), I'm always rushing back to the car, denying the very businesses whom pay their rates to the council from additional business if people had more time to shop there.

Any parking measures should be non punitive and designed to help the local businesses, you can learn this lesson from the likes of the Trafford Centre and others whom make it very easy for you, so easy that its hard not to spend money.

Sefton argue they need the money, but that is why we pay rates and they get a grant from the central gov. Parking profits should fund the maintenance of the land, machines and wardens and by using up to date technology the cost of operating car parks can be lowered. Any surplus should be put into a fund to develop the car parks for elec car charging and other improvements and not subsidising the inefficiencies of the council.

My Petition is for 2 hours free for everyone, after that, reasonable rates apply, for example £1/hour. Fines must be paid which are proportionate to the collection and administration, and also to act as a deterrent to people leaving cars there for days on end.
Stephen Fisher
A lot depends on the location of the car parks and their vicinity to local businesses and shops which benefit from customers parking for free. This is versus some car parks used for commuters etc.
  • October 1, 2014
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Roxiie's Treasures
They need to have better parking for the College Road area and more parking along College Road so people can actually use the local shops park outside without having to drive around for 20 minutes, park quite a walk away to go and nip in a shop x
  • October 3, 2014
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Sefton will say better parking will need to be paid for, where do they get the money to make more?
  • October 6, 2014
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