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Save Liverpool Coastguard

Department for Transport
Petition Goal
Save Liverpool Coastguard
Start date
September 27, 2014
End date
February 14, 2015
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I think that the proposed closure of the Liverpool Coastguard Station at Crosby is a disgrace and I am sure a large number of normal people living in the North West will agree.

So often we in the Merseyside area have to standby and watch services and organisations in this area closed.

The news that we are now being asked to standby whilst a strategically placed Coastguard Station is closed leaving the whole of the English coastline between Wales and Scotland without a Coastguard Station on English soil is a disgrace and should not be allowed to go ahead. .

Like many others, I feel that on matters of safety such as this, the decision is so important it must be got right. For this reason, I do feel that a Public Inquiry set up by Government would be justified in this case.
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