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Welcome to Crosby.UK - The Home of all things Crosby!

Get Involved is a community interest company, ran not for profit and plans to be funded by a number of income streams. We really want to be a huge success, so we need help from anyone who can give their time voluntary to us, even if it’s as little as 1 hour every few months. As a voluntary organisation, we need to build up an “army” of volunteers in order to keep the site fresh, moderate content and create newsworthy articles about our area and the people we represent.

If you feel you can help, please get in touch by emailing

People We Need:

Content Creators – Several people who can spare any time whatever to create any of the following: newsworthy blogs, create polls (voting), keep forums topical and encourage debate and discussion, take and upload photos and videos of Crosby and the surrounding areas, run our twitter feed and regularly tweet about things happening in the area and on the website, keep our Facebook page updated,

Time Commitment: approx 1-2 hours per month

Content Moderators - Several people whom in a team will be in charge of inspecting submitting content from members and approving/disapproving it according to the policy set out by the board. Some people on this team will also create newsworthy content, pictures, keep blogs updated and keep active in the forums etc.

Time Commitment: approx 3-4 hours per month

Head of Volunteers - One or two people who are in charge of recruiting, managing and planning the volunteers for this site. This should not require too much time once the initial systems are put in place such as volunteer rotas etc. These people should have some experience of managing people and being the central point of contact for volunteers, and they will report into the board of directors.

Time Commitment: approx 5-6 hours per month

Site Admins - Two or three people required with basic content management skills, HTML and web services knowledge, to answer peoples queries for support related issues, such as password resets, trouble uploading content, reporting issues, abuse issues etc.

Time Commitment: approx 2-4 hours per month

Graphic Designer - Someone to create and maintain the online graphics and off-line material.

Time Commitment: approx 5-6 hours per month at first, later 1-2 hours to maintain the site.

General Marketers - who help create marketing for the site, help promote the site in however way they can, especially anyone who has access to newspapers or other press and TV/Radio in order to help promote the site.

Time Commitment: approx 1-2 hours per month

Fundraisers – People to help organise donations from the general public on the website site or at any of the events. People with skills to write grant applications, Access to grants from organisations such the big lottery, Mayoral funds or others whom we can build a business plan for and access capital.

Time Commitment: approx 5-6 hours per month

Treasurer(s) - 1-2 people with good knowledge of finance and accounting, able to keep a cloud based accounting system up to date with transactions, do reconciliation of bank accounts and preparation for end of year returns. Person also needs to do companies house annual return and return to Community Interest Company regulator.

Time Commitment: approx 2 hours per month

Technical Testers : People who can install our mobile app (launching later in the year), and test it while comparing the functions to the website and give feedback on their experience.

Time Commitment: approx 1-2 hours per month

Other Types of Ways to help us:

1. Anyone who has space office space and or an address we can use to receive letters from the community at. This would save us paying rent for a small office.