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5 Things to See in Crosby

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Apart from the Iron Men of course, here are five things to see in Crosby, please feel free to add more...

Home of the White Star line Founder - 13 Beach Lawn, Waterloo, Crosby was the home of Thomas Henry Ismay, 1837-1899. He was the founder of the White Star Shipping line - owner of the ill-fated Titanic. This house is clearly visible from the Irish Sea at the mouth of the River Mersey, and all White Star vessels would offer a salute as they passed the Ismay residence.

Crosby Marina - Just behind the beach and promenade at crosby is a small marina and boating lake. There are excellent views across the Mersey here and its of the best places along the Sefton coast to watch the ships.

Promenade Path - Whether you walk all or just part of the coastal path to Formby or further to Southport its worth it for the views of the dunes and coast here. Just behind the wind turbines in the bay of Liverpool are clearly visible.

Coastguard Station - less than a mile down the coastal path is the coast guard station near Hall Road train station. The coastguard helps to monitor shipping movements and marine safety throughout the Irish Sea - one of the busiest shipping areas in Europe.

Marine Crescent - The terraced houses in Marine Crescent - the opposite end of the road to Beach Lawn - are still a pretty sight with similar colour washing, wrought iron work and rose garden.
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