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Hall Road Train Crash 1977

Does anyone remember the crash at Hall Rd, 4 july 1977? It happened after the signalman at eccles crossing let a liverpool bound train, (the 20.30) into the eccles crossing to hall rd section, before he received ''train out of section'' for the previous train, (the 20.15) Also the driver of the 20.30 train who didn't keep proper look out. I have read that the trains on this line, (the class 502's), when they came to be scraped, had to be fired to remove all non metal content including blue asbestos. The passengers on the crashed trains reported of ''smoke & dust'' & ''we all breathed it in''. The report into the crash says that the side panelling inside the coaches was split. Could this smoke & dust they breathed in have been asbestos ? I don't know much about asbestos, but could this have had any health effect's years later ?

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