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Crosby Village - What's Happening?


Crosby village used to be a great place, full of busy shops and things to do. Now its changed a lot and its not as nice as it used to be, with some boarded up shops and vacant scrubby land with fences blown down.

What does everyone think should be done and who's job is it to do it?
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disappointed about how this place has gone down the toilet. It needs fixing very soon my friend. Hope to see it back up soon.

Last time i stayed in crosby - a hotel not far away was in poor shape. Upon entry the carpets in the hallway were worn and dirty. The bedspread on one of the beds was stained with urine and blood. The floor of the bathtub was dingy and grey looking. There were no breakfasts in the morning as their website states either. Spend the extra money and stay elsewhere until crosby gets its **** together..
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