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Carnegie Business Plan

So what should Carnegie do, how should it operate and how will it sustain itself? We need ideas here please people on what the business plan should contain and how we are going to prove to the council that it can be ran as a sustainable enterprise?
be good to have some local business in Carnegie selling things?
well if it is going to reopen, could we have education nights on things, like courses for people to go onto and learn new skills etc?

There has to be a real benefit to the community rather than just an historic building being saved. I would like to see this business plan and what it contains. I wonder how it will pay for itself.
It would be good having education nights as well as supporting small businesses, etc x
I agree with Roxiie's, night course would be good to help people, like help improve their skills and experience, also perhaps local business people can host drop in sessions to share their knowledge in business to startup's.

I think it would make a great community hub and can have so much going on, and with the memories of the past also, perhaps this new era could give it a much needed new lease of life?
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It would also be good to have some sort of performance space that people could hire for events, modelled on the French "Maisons de la Culture"/"Centres Culturels" - of course, the difficulty is that the French still (currently!) place some value at national level on culture and community.
I think it may also be worth looking at working with the Plaza at some level - not sure what but there are probably some cross-overs.
good idea Kevin, its only a small area but perhaps it could be converted with nothing fixed as such as you say. Might need the right licences to do that first though.
Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience
can we see the council allowing live music with it so close to homes etc?
I believe it is possible to obtain one-off event licenses as regards alcohol with a personal licence.

As regards being close to homes, IMHO, breathing new life into a "local treasure" will require some efforts to accomodate diversity - I wouldn't envisage heavy rock until the early hours but surely a bit of tasteful sounds (maybe even restricting it to acoustic) with some cultural applause wouldn't be a problem every so often - if not, it's continuing to spend nights out (and my cash) in Liverpool or back to France for me and let Crosby/north Liverpool/south Sefton suffer a long, suburban demise.
What do people think about internet access there? Perhaps a small internet cafe, mainly for people who cannot afford it and to help people get online that don't already have or cannot afford access.

Start off with free wifi perhaps on a bring your own device basis, but also a handful of computers in the corner also would help.

Also, some other ideas to use the venue for:

Amazon Locker/drop off point
Parcel delivery point
meeting place for local groups/community centre
Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience
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