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Discussion on Reopening, Debates, your thoughts etc

What are your thoughts on if it should be reopened, on what basis, what should it do and how will it pay for itself etc?

I think it could be a nice little place, back open as a library again, offering plenty of things that it never before.
sefton really are fools for dragging their heals, why won't they just let focal to get onto with their proposal and let it be. The building is at risk of falling down the way its looking, we need to open it again Doris!
does it really matter? nobody uses libraries anymore when its all on the internet???? is this not the reason why it was shut in the first place?

Everything has its day...VHS tapes, Cassettes, Steam Trains? perhaps it was handover of our past. Give it 3 years, we'll get5/6 decent houses on that plot, either that or flatten it and return it to a green space for college road....easy...
I think we still need something physical, especially for accessibility for older people and disabled etc, or people who still dont have internet access etc.

As a one stop shop for many services, I'm sure its going to be busy and get demand. The library might be the core of it but all of the other services around it bring in the dosh to keep it going.
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