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Future Development Plans

Here are our future development plans

Develop a mobile app for the iphone and android devices.

Add a business directory, allowing businesses to setup their own virtual shop window

Add an events section so members can see local events in Crosby etc.

Add a section for members to create a poll (petitions etc)

Add a blogs section so people can post their own blogs.

Add a community Forum to discuss/debate local issues

Add ability for members to create their own pages

Add a photos section, so people can upload photos and others can comment on them etc. - Completed!
Stephen Fisher
Hi Matty,
This is impressive and great development plans and I notice that the site does not show up so well on the iPad and I wondered if I am better with an android tablet. The business directory and shop window will be of great benefit and seeing local events is always useful especially if they ca...
  • January 28, 2015
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Hi Stephen, the mobile site wont be that good at the moment as its undeveloped and requires a lot of work and funds to do it, so once the donations start to come in and we have funds for commisioning these things, yes, you will be able to.
  • January 30, 2015
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