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Welcome to Crosby.UK - The Home of all things Crosby!

Crosby.UK Updates

Here at Crosby.UK we are always changing and adding new features to our website. Thanks to your valuable feedback, we have plans to evolve the site to better suit our members. This is how we are doing so far:

5th Dec 2014

We've redesigned the site's theme and layout, making it more simplified and better colours. We've also added our new logo and sort out the different fonts we had throughout the site to keep everything consistent. We've also reorganised the main menu by grouping things together into sections like Connect, Share, Interact, Play etc, hope you like it!

3rd Dec 2014

We've now added the ability to check in to a business from within our main wall. Simply press check-in and start typing the business name, you can check-into a business and each check-in is shown on their business page.

1st Dec 2014

We've added a business directory to the site, if you have a business, get yourself in there within just a few minutes. Create your business, upload photos, set opening hours and even a map of your location, along with details of your products for everyone to see.

19th Nov 2014

Added petitions feature, create a petition about something you really feel strongly about, others can add their signature to it and also add comments to debate it.

27th Oct 2014

Added board of directors page. As we've recently elected our new directors to the board, we've created a page about them which is accessible from the top page. We are on the lookout for more directors to join and help our community interest company, get in touch if you are interested.

20th Oct 2014

Added groups to the site, create a group of interest, upload a photo about it and invite your friends to join. Each group has its own wall and admin settings. You could choose something about the Crosby and surrounding area, hobby or interest, its your choice!

11th Oct 2014

Added forums to the site, come and start/contribute to the debate and raise some important issues!

28th Sept 2014

Added polls feature

13th Sept 2014

Added blogs, members can now create a blog about whatever they choose.

8th Sept 2014

Added pages feature, members can now create their own page, based on many things, like a brand, place, person, sport, in fact anything!

5th Sept 2014

Added ability to tweet directly from items using your own Twitter account, added module to display's tweets on homepage. Created Iron Men points system to award points to members for submitting content.

1st Sept 2014

Went live to public with soft launch.

29th Aug 2014

Close beta site and trials. Added Facebook Login so members can login with their Facebook accounts.

15th Aug 2014

Added ability to upload photos, add comments to these.

6th Aug 2014

Added ability to add friends, see friends and created a profile for members

Added this page to give members updates on development progress!

27th July 2014

Install engine and full service, launched beta site.
Denise Thomas
Nice to meet you today Matt, I wouldn't have found this site if I hadn't spotted you taking pic's outside. I Look forward to watching this site grow.
  • November 22, 2014
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